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About Us

You’ve seen what we do.  Here’s who we are.

Blues Crew Media consists of Mike “Blue” Hanse, Chris Hanse, & Anthony Bove. Each bringing to the table a list of talents that gel together to form an elite and unique digital marketing team.  Consisting of targeted marketing tactics, social media expertise, exceptional videography/editing, and on the cusp of cutting edge technology, we will help keep your business a step ahead of your competitors. Since it’s conception 2003, Blues Crew LLC began as a marketing power house in the Paintball Industry. Conquering all marketing and reputational goals set forth by various marketing partners in the industry, Blues Crew cultivated the talents of its members thus emerging itself into the world of digital media. Today, Blues Crew Media is ready and willing to take on any of the challenges your business can bring to the table.  We strive to bring your imagination to the digital canvas no matter how big or small the job.  We treat every client like our biggest client delivering quality service to suit all of your digital needs.

Thank you for checking out our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.


Blues Crew Media